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The digital transformation is set to be debated at TIIF as the greatest challenge for transport infrastructure for 2020


The transport infrastructure sector has been taking giant leaps forward in recent years towards offering the user an integrated service, although much remains to be done. In this context, the celebration of the first TIIF, the Business Forum for the design, management and execution of transport infrastructure, co-organised by IFEMA and 2BMICE, which will be held from 16 to 18 June at the North Convention Centre at Feria de Madrid, will analyse how the digital transformation remains the greatest challenge for 2020.

With the help of IFEMA and the consulting firm 2BMICE, the first International Transport Infrastructure Forum, TIIF, will be held on 16, 17 and 18 June, it will offer a unique space to address the challenges faced by Spanish companies in this sector. Specifically, it is expected that 40 international authorities will participate, and that more than 400 professionals from 12 invited countries will attend. They will enjoy talks in which over 60 speakers will participate, in addition to the debates on topics of great interest that will take place in 20 round tables and networking seminars.

One of the events senior managers, José Manuel Caballero, further states that the commitment to digitalisation and the digital transformation will mean establishing new processes, including operational security based on predictive data analysis, last mile transport optimisation, and the generation of more dynamic routes. As a result of all this, perhaps the most disruptive issue will be the positioning of the user as the focus for transport planning and management, whether over land (roads and railways), by sea (ports) or by air (airports), which is a new challenge for companies and governments:

  • Big Data: the ability to analyse large volumes of data in real-time allows these needs to be better managed, both at the user and the logistics level, based on the development of new tools and technologies that allow intelligence to be generated. Actions, including reducing and optimising transport times, reducing environmental impacts, smart route planning and traffic congestion planning, among others, are already a reality thanks to Big Data.
  • Internet of Things (IOT) and Smart Transport: offer the possibility of interconnecting people and goods with their surroundings and collecting information in real time from each of them. Optimising energy control and error detection, or improving time management are, just some of the benefits they offer.
  • BIM (Building Information Modelling): is based on digitalisation and collaboration between agents during the building or infrastructure construction and management process, and it involves a change in the way of working in the construction sector, as it becomes a more collaborative process that entails significant cost and time savings.
  • Multi-modal mobility: is the new paradigm in the transport sector, which opens a wide range of possibilities and new business models based on offering a more complete service, combining several forms of transport into a single offering.
  • Artificial Intelligence: the use of this type of technology is based on the development of systems capable of optimising transport and logistics management systems, defining routes and schedules and allowing ever more accurate forecasting. In addition, this technology accelerates the transformation of transport, making it possible to increase safety and efficiency thanks to its predictions.

The objective of the TIIF International Transport Infrastructure Forum, which is being incorporated into the IFEMA calendar for the first time, is to promote Spanish companies in their international expansion strategies and strengthen their presence in different markets. Likewise, TIIF aims to give emerging countries that look to Spain, which is highly appreciated in the sector, the opportunity to develop.

About TIIF:

TIIF is the international business forum for all sectors related to the planning, design, execution and management of transport infrastructure, whether on land (roads and railways), at sea (ports) or in the air (airports). At the event, public and private actors will meet to share their interests.

About IFEMA:

IFEMA is the leading trade fair operator in Spain and one of the most important in Europe, with a portfolio of over 110 fairs and congresses and 700 professional events and meetings, which bring together 35,000 companies and 4 million visitors every year. Major world brands, including Fitur, Fruit Attraction and ARCOmadrid have consolidated their international leadership in organising trade fairs, due to the exhibitors they draw and the buyers and professionals they attract from around the world.

About 2BMICE:

2BMICE is a consulting firm that specialises in the design and organisation of congresses. Its value lies in the experience of its professionals and its in-house methodology which is designed to generate the maximum impact for each project.