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SCEWC is partnering Smart City Industrial Ecosphere to support the development of smart cities in China


The Fira de Barcelona event and the Chinese association SCIE sign a partnership agreement 

Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC), Fira de Barcelona’s leading global trade fair devoted to smart cities, has signed a strategic partnership agreement with the governmental association, Smart City Industrial Ecosphere (SCIE) to conduct joint promotional initiatives to boost the momentum of smart cities in China.

In accordance with this agreement, Smart City Expo and Smart City Industrial Ecosphere will pool their experiences and knowledge and work together on the preparation of various strategic projects, such as the development of industrial and environmental sustainability standards to promote the implementation of smart cities under these parameters, especially across this vast Asian country.

Lu Hongfeng, the General Secretary of Smart City Industrial Ecosphere, expressed his “satisfaction”, given that their association “is the first organisation from China to sign an agreement with the event organised by Fira de Barcelona.” Lu stated that “digitalisation and urban planning are two driving forces of development” in his country and stated that “smart cities constitute a combination of these two key concepts for the future of China.”

As for Smart City Expo World Congress director Ugo Valenti, he highlighted “the contribution that Fira de Barcelona’s event has made to the development of smart cities over the last decade” and expressed his conviction that “China will capitalise on the international platform provided by Smart City Expo World Congress to make its experience known in other countries.” He announced that Fira and the Chinese association “will promote the construction of an industrial ecosystem to facilitate the progressive transformation of Chinese cities into smart cities by means of a cross-cutting and integral strategy.”

This morning, the ninth Smart City Expo World Congress was the setting for the signing of the collaboration agreement, an event that was attended by SCIE General Secretary, Lu Hongfeng; the Director of the SCEWC, UgoValenti; and the Deputy Director of the SCIE and vice-president of Huawei EBG, Yu Dong, among other leading figures.