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Global leaders in machinery and technology express keen interest in FIMMA + Maderalia 2024


Companies including Homag, Biesse, SCM, Felder and Barberán, amongst others, met with the representatives of Feria Valencia’s biennial trade fair at the latest edition of Ligna in Hanover.

Last week the FIMMA + Maderalia technical team, headed by the fair’s director, Alejandro Roda, brought the special international promotion that had been rolled out in Germany recently, to a close. The initiative took them to visit Interzum in Cologne (9th-12th May) and Ligna in Hanover (15th-19th May). At Ligna, it became clear to the FIMMA + Maderalia team that the world’s leading players in the machinery and technology for furniture-making sector were hugely interested in finding out all about the upcoming edition of FIMMA, the specialist fair for those sectors.

At Ligna, the FIMMA + Maderalia team made a great many contacts and held numerous meetings at the highest level with the heads of leading companies, traditional exhibitors at the FIMMA + Maderalia biennial show, who are now looking forward to the next edition. Good examples were manufacturers from Germany, which is at the leading edge of the industry with companies including Homag Group, IMA Schelling Group and Weinig Holz-Her, and major Austrian manufacturer the Felder Group.

The organisers aim to have a significant representation of the latest technology and solutions from Italy as well. At Ligna, the FIMMA + Maderalia team met companies such as Biesse, SCM, Cefla, Masterwood, Bacci and Top, amongst many others.

At Ligna they also strengthened their contacts with Spanish manufacturers of machinery and solutions for the industry, who view FIMMA + Maderalia as Spain’s main showcase for the sector. Companies such as Barberán, Intorex, Cehisa, Virutex and Biele spoke to the sales team from the Feria Valencia event during their visit to Ligna.

At the Hanover fair they also had the opportunity to see and meet companies from associated sectors that fall within the scope of the FIMMA + Maderalia showcase. One example is the adhesives sector, where they met with companies such as Kleibert and QS Adhesivos. Other examples include the important biomass and first-stage processing industries, with the team meeting companies such as Barton, Bar-Gar, Oñaz, Sugimat, Recalor, Maypro and Cape; and other industries related to building with wood such as Hundegger and Essetre.

Immensely positive outcome

FIMMA + Maderalia director Alejandro Roda claims in this regard that the outcome from the sales missions to Interzum and Ligna these last two weeks was “immensely positive”. “It was clear to us that the trade is enormously eager to come to FIMMA + Maderalia 2024. The timber industry’s most representative companies expressed a keen interest in coming to Feria Valencia next year”, Roda explained.

The fair’s director also pointed out the benefits to visitors and exhibitors of the fact that “FIMMA + Maderalia is the only fair in the world that brings together in one place all the sectors that events such as Interzum and Ligna host separately. This is something that industry professionals have mentioned to us and that they attach great value to as a point of difference”. Looking ahead, Roda said that “we are preparing a very special FIMMA + Maderalia. In 2024 we will be celebrating our 40th edition and 60 years of working alongside the industry. It will be an historic edition that nobody should miss”.