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Foto 10th International IVIRMA Congress (reproductive medicine and beyond)

10th International IVIRMA Congress (reproductive medicine and beyond)

Tipo: Congreso Localidad donde se realiza: MÁLAGA Fecha: Del 20/04/2023 al 22/04/2023 IVIRMACongress@ivirma.com
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Sector: 22. Salud, higiene, farmacia, equipam. médico, puericultura, veterinaria Perfil del visitante: Profesional Periodicidad: Puntual Ámbito: Internacional


Organiza: IVIRMA

The International IVIRMA CONGRESS returns to the face-to-face modality with a program that will cover the most relevant topics of reproductive medicine. The city of Malaga will be the venue for our scientific meeting on April 20th, 21st and 22nd.

A total of 9 scientific sessions will review the latest findings on ovarian function, endometrial health and embryo selection, among other major topics, and we will step into the future with the latest developments in the most pioneering subjects such as artificial intelligence or ovarian rejuvenation.

We will count, as always, with international speakers of recognized prestige worldwide for their contribution to the development of reproductive medicine.

Three great debates will serve as a forum in which great experts will give their opinion on the existence or not of the implantation window, the correlation of the ovarian reserve with embryo health and the responsibility of the PGT-A on the discarding of viable embryos in the reproductive treatment.

9 sessions, 3 debates, 1 workshop and a great desire to meet again not only during the sessions, but also in private meetings, during the breaks, and while enjoying the wonderful city of Malaga.


FYCMA - Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga

Avda. José Ortega y Gasset, 201 - 29006 MÁLAGA
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