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Kyoto Smart City Expo (6ª edición)

Tipo: Feria

Localidad donde se realiza: KYOTO (Japón)

Fecha: Del 03/10/2019 al 04/10/2019


Sector: 19. Ingeniería, industria, maquinaria, herramientas, robótica, ciencia

Perfil del visitante: Profesional

Periodicidad: Anual

Ambito: Internacional

Fira de Barcelona

Fira de Barcelona

BARCELONAAv. Reina María Cristina, s/n. - 08004 BARCELONAT.: 932 332 000 - Fax: 932 332 -
Información adicional

The Organizing Committee of KYOTO SMART CITY EXPO: Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto City, Kyotanabe City, Kizugawa City, Seika Town, Barcelona City Council, Fira Barcelona, Barcelona Global, Embassy of Spain Economic and Commercial Office Tokyo, Embassy of Denmark, Japan Spain Business Cooperation Committee, Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kyoto Industrial Association, Public Foundation of Kansai Research Institute, Kyoto Chiesangyo Sozonomori, Kyoto Industrial Support Organization 21, Advanced Scientific Technology & Management Research Institute of KYOTO, Kyoto Convention Bureau, Internet Association Japan, Keihanna Interaction Plaza Incorporated

What is Kyoto Smart City Expo 2019?

Progress in ICT, such as IoT, Big Data, AI and robots, is creating a new industrial structure deemed the Industry 4.0, and smart cities, which promise improved convenience and a comfortable lifestyle, are being developed.

The Japanese government also aims to incorporate ICT into all kinds of leading-edge industries and social activities, to create a Society 5.0 promoting economic development and solving social issues.

Based on these objectives, Kyoto Smart City Expo 2019 is being held to take on the challenge of creating an meta-comfortable smart society and to establish a system to promote new businesses and industries based on sustainable open innovation. This is to address urgent social issues such as the loss of social vitality and decline of regional areas due to aging population and declining birthrate.

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