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EBART CONGRESS. 3rd Evidence Based Artificial Reproduction Technology Conference (ONLINE)

Tipo: Congreso

Localidad donde se realiza: BARCELONA

Fecha: Del 18/02/2021 al 19/02/2021


Correo electrónico:

Sector: 19. Ingeniería, industria, maquinaria, herramientas, robótica, ciencia

Perfil del visitante: Profesional

Periodicidad: Puntual

Ambito: Internacional

Fira de Barcelona

Fira de Barcelona

BARCELONAAv. Reina María Cristina, s/n. - 08004 BARCELONAT.: 932 332 000 - Fax: 932 332 -
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Organiza: Grupo EUGIN

Formato ONLINE

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3º Congreso Internacional en Tecnología de la Reproducción Asistida basada en Evidencia Científica

In keeping with the previous edition of this conference, the main objective of EBART is to discuss hot topics in ART through the lenses of a medicine based in scientific evidence.

During those days we will bring onstage the latest knowledge such as treatment of implantation failures, the elective use of ICSI, freeze-all policies, sperm DNA fragmentation, mitochondria as tools of embryo selection and disclosure of donor conception

EBART will feature renowned international and national KOL, clinical and embryology tracks, panel discussions and an open environment to encourage an active role from all attendees.

During two days, EBART will bring together ART professionals, researchers and leaders. EBART will provide them with a lively platform to learn and share their knowledge and experiences.

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